Privacy Policy

Luxyee is the licensed operator of www.luxyee.com website. Luxyee is reachable online via e-mail at support@luxyee.com Privacy of the personal information of our customers is one of our prime concerns.

By using our website, you agree to accept the website’s Terms of Use. By obtaining this site, you clearly agree with our use and disclosure of your personal information by any means described below. This Privacy Policy extends to both, users (Unregistered) and members (Registered) of the website.


“Personal Information” refers to any information that identifies or which can be used to identify the person. Also it can be utilized to contact or locate the person. It includes person’s name, address, phone number, fax number, email address, financial profiles, identification number as well as credit card information.


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 LUXYEE is going to keep information that you may provide on our website. Besides that, when you visit our site, our systems gather details about your computer’s data including IP address. Your IP address is not going to specify your personal identity.

There is no services on this website that relates to children. So Luxyee will never intentionally collect any personal information regarding your children.


What would we do with your data?


Luxyee will own all the data collected from the website. These data will be used only to inform you regarding the updates of website including any offers available on the store. Also to count number of persons visiting our website, we will use your information.


Once you will place your order, we required to transfer your address as well as phone number related information to the courier companies. Also if it is an online payment, the credit card companies would access the required information of yours to complete your order needs.


Luxyee must not allow any unauthorized people or organization to use any information that we have collected from you via website.


When a user accesses a website with a cookie function for the first time, a cookie is sent from server to the browser and stored with the browser in the local computer. So then after whenever user will go back to that website, user will be stored with his information. With the use of cookies, Luxyee will record different aspects of your visits. We must not use cookies to save your personal information.

It may possible that for demographic purpose as well as for website usage statistics, we would share our collected information to our sponsors and advertisers. But in this case, they would not have access to your personal information.


Luxyee may contain links which may take you to another website. In this case you have left our website and then you will be subjected to the Privacy Policy of another website.This privacy policy will no longer be applicable then.


Our privacy policy may take changes in respect to information practices. In event of change, we will surely notify our customers via email or through a detailed note shown over the website. We expect our customers to time to time review the policy pages.


If you have any questions about this Privacy Policy, kindly contact us at support@luxyee.comοΎ§